PayGety was founded in 2017 by a group of people who wanted to be safe in terms of trading cryptocurrencies. Many of them had experienced the loss of their deposit in different exchanges. To be really safe and sound, they decided to get all necessary licences and open their own exchange, where you can be 100% sure that everything is working like clockwork. After a year of hard work PayGety was born.

We know

Our customers value security

That has driven us to put a lot of work since the day one to be compliant with the regulations and law in EU. PayGety has all the necessary official licences to provide services to our customers. We execute the KYC and AML policy using the strictest measures to be globally compliant with the verification process.

The cryptocurrencies will be more regulated in the future

That is why we have a team with high competence who work hard every day to develop and find the highest level protection to provide secure trading. PayGety has implemented 2FA and SSL.

Every second has a value

That is why we have built our exchange to be fast to execute every order in a high speed.